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KR1 plc is Europe's leading digital asset investment company focused on decentralised and open-source blockchain networks. Founded in March 2016, and publicly traded on London’s Aquis Exchange, KR1 plc has been an early investor in many foundational projects in the emerging digital asset industry.

KR1 plc is a rarity in financial markets

Publicly Listed in the UK (KR1:ASE)

KR1 plc shares are traded on the APX segment of the Aquis Growth Market, allowing anyone to purchase the shares and gain exposure to the crypto markets through KR1 plc's underlying portfolio of digital assets investments and revenue-generating staking activities.

Successful Investment Track Record

Incorporated in March 2016, KR1 has one of the longest track records in the crypto markets and digital asset industry.

Revenue from Staking Activities

With early investments in innovative Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, such as Polkadot, Cosmos and Ethereum, KR1 plc is generating material revenue from the staking yield of its portfolio holdings on a continuous basis. Given that the staking activities do not impose any overhead or additional costs on KR1 plc, the generated revenue is used to offset operational costs and to fund further investments.

Digital Assets as a New Asset Class

KR1 plc is an award-winning and globally respected investor in decentralised networks and digital assets, an entirely new asset class. Since its inception in 2016, KR1 plc has pioneered investing in this new asset class through all market cycles. KR1 plc is different from traditional technology venture capital firms with its primary focus on digital assets as an investment unit rather than traditional equity in start-ups.

Transparent, Flexible and Independently Audited

Unlike some private crypto funds, KR1 plc is completely transparent and flexible in its operations, with significant investments and asset realisations being publicly announced. KR1 plc’s portfolio features a mix of liquid and stake-able digital assets, interests in yet-to-launch decentralised networks, and a small percentage in traditional equity in blockchain start-ups. KR1’s performance is independently audited on an annual basis and comprehensive performance reports are published every six months.

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